Hi there!

Glad to see you here 🙂

Regular readers, welcome back! Go ahead and make yourselves at home.

If you are here for the first time, you might ask yourselves why you should proceed any further and take the effort to have a look at what I write when you could be watching YouTube videos or reading the Harry Potter books.

The answer is… I don’t know!

Oops, sorry about that!

I know I’m supposed to have some really catchy statement here alluring you inside to show my treasure posts, but let me be honest, this is no master blog.

Wondering why I’m blabbering and if I write anything that makes sense?

Tough question to answer.

I could tell you why I stumbled upon blogging, but I wouldn’t want to bore you with it. It’s kind of a sob story.

Since I failed to tell you what you can expect to see in my blog, by all means, dive right in!

Disclaimer: Leave all expectations right here. Ah-ha. Right here. You ain’t gonna find no treasure in there.

P.S. If you noticed that I love Harry Potter and feel the same way, we’re friends already!
Feel free to leave me a message 😉

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