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Lobster? Oh…Liebster!

Thank you theutopiauniverse and AmyLee for thinking of me 🙂 Do check out their blogs, which are filled with positivity and enriches their readers everyday. ‘Liebster’ – I was particularly fascinated by the name, and since I didn’t know what that meant, obviously the first thing I did was find out – ‘My love’ (translated from German). If you […]


Something very unique has come my way… the Spirit Animal Award. Thank you Amra and Liz for directing it in this direction 🙂

Fifteen lovely blogs

Thank you Amra for ‘One Lovely Blog Award’! Amra’s blog is a great inspiration and platform to discuss topics such as child marriage, racism, stereotypes and feminism. She also welcomes guests bloggers to write on her blog. Click here for the guidelines. Seven facts about myself: I’ve never seen snow. I would travel to another country for some amazing food. […]

Creativity is contagious – Pass it on*

Amra (Perfect the Days) passed on the Creative Blogger Award to me, thank you Amra! You have indeed succeeded in inspiring me and fellow bloggers and got us thinking about a wide range of topics that need to be addressed. It’s a joy receiving this award from you. Five facts about myself: I love winter-wear. I am afraid […]

Gratitude | Feedback is the breakfast of Champions*

A Champions Award has popped in for a visit – Thank you Nícia and Amra for this warm gesture 🙂 The champion nominees whose posts I’m ever so grateful to read: CracTpot – we’re all a little mad here Liz Parker – too many feelings Missy – strength. love. life. Kailyn – Mixed Girl Vibe Jodine – Far North […]


Thank you Hira and Amra for nominating me for the Blogger recognition award. I’m delighted and thank you for thinking of me! I found out that these awards were started by Edge of Night. “these little awards are a small gesture of goodwill that have a big impact on the people who receive them.” All the bloggers I’m […]

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