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A lifelong commitment

I took a Reiki Level 1 course last year in June. It was a great start to a new eye-opening journey. It was just the start. Since then I have done several courses including Reiki Level 2, dowsing, crystal healing, took magical and helpful meditation techniques which are very effective. Through this ongoing journey, I learned […]

A new beginning

I believe in chances.
Unlimited chances.
Because that’s what life and this amazing world offers us.
Unlimited experiences, lessons, beauty and moments to be grateful for.

Don’t tell anyone. Or else.

Originally posted on timelesswheel:
Everyone has a story – and sometimes we define our life with this story. Depending on how the story goes, we will either be grateful for this life, or hate it. I am trying to detach my self from my story. I do not know a lot of people’s life stories…

Sickness and dreams coming true

You know how we can take a day off when we’re sick and it’s called ‘sick leave’? Well, ‘we’ don’t. The company I work for does not have that concept. If I’m sick, I have to go to a proper hospital (clinics won’t do), get a medical certificate, whether it is for the flu or […]

Life and stars

What’s worse? Feeling alone amongst people you know or not having anyone around?


Okay, I don’t usually write celebratory posts on follows, likes etc, but I found something interesting and confusing.  I’ve seen posts celebrating 100, 200, 1000, 2000 follows/likes etc.  The other day I got a notification that congratulated me for 1337 likes.  Why the number 1337? Was it a glitch? Is this number somehow special? Please let me […]

Sweet bean

I just finished watching Sweet bean (あん). It’s a film about an old lady teaching how to make bean jelly that goes in doriyaki to a doriyaki seller. But that’s not all she teaches him. It’s so much more. Kirin Kiki plays the character of Tokue, an old woman with leprosy, and Masatoshi Nagase plays Sentaro, the manager of […]

The Blogger's Paradise

Eclipse your sorrows by loving life, just the way it is.

Philip Craddock Writing Portfolio

Daring to Dream: Short stories, poetry & songs. Next target: 300 Followers.


Words, thoughts, and snapshots of life.


The Happy Cottage: A place where anyone can come and share their writing, art or just to share thoughts or feelings.

Quarter Life Crisis

small paychecks;big lessons