Glorified past

Why is it that we glorify our heartbreaks and undermine our present? It occurred to me while I was busy thinking about how difficult the heartbreak was for me emotionally. And how easy it seems to love a person who denied me and said he did not love not need me as compared to someone who is here now and is deserving of love, more if not the same.

Why does a heartbreaking past relationship have so much power over us? We remember it forever, several times drowning in the memories and coming up gasping for air.

My ex boyfriend said we glorify a relationship after a break up sometimes. We tend to see the present under magnifying lens and the past under a multi-colored one. My ex-employer once said – wear glasses and carefully look at a future spouse’s personality traits and to throw them once the wedding ceremony is over with – to discard off any critical thinking towards the person and accept completely. Great marriage advice.



  1. I guess we think of “what might have been” rather than “what we’ve got” – I occasionally think of a Sumner romance I had years ago. Where is he now? Who is he with? Is he happy? The thing is to get the balance right and rather than dwell too long on the past, spend it in the here and now.

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