A lifelong commitment

I took a Reiki Level 1 course last year in June.

It was a great start to a new eye-opening journey.

It was just the start.

Since then I have done several courses including Reiki Level 2, dowsing, crystal healing, took magical and helpful meditation techniques which are very effective.

Through this ongoing journey, I learned a lot about myself. One of the things I learnt was how much I constantly doubt myself.

I would think, even though I was good at something and enjoyed it, it was better left as a hobby. That I wouldn’t be able to make it professionally in that area. Whether it be dancing, photography, or writing.

So obviously I also doubted that I could be a healer.

I have done sessions for a number of people, around 30 by now, and I have received a lot of gratitude and blessings.

It’s not me who’s doing anything, and whatever it is that is helping people, through energy and words, are given to me to be put to use for the person who at that moment needs it.

Any doubts I had regarding Reiki disappeared once I experienced not only getting sessions done for me but also by giving sessions.

10 sessions later, I had no doubt that it was something real, something that heals, that psychic abilities and past lives exist.

I had no doubt that it was for everyone. It wasn’t only for ‘specially gifted’ people.

Maybe I could be skeptical about energy flowing through my hands, but how could I deny the psychic abilities, the clear scenarios that actually happened in someone’s present or past life that I could otherwise have no idea about.

There were 2 clients in particular, one of whom I had never met before, and another whom I hardly knew.

When I did Reiki for them, it blew my mind. It not only surprised and fascinated them but myself. I was in awe and so were they.

I could justify psychic abilities when I did Reiki for someone I knew or fairly acquainted with, but I there was no way of justifying something when it involved strangers.

And that caused me to finally truly believe in Reiki.

I still have self doubt, it hasn’t completely been resolved.

We all need to trust and have faith, it does wonders.

But while we move on ahead towards a life with a purpose of helping and healing ourselves and others, we need to keep in mind that there are aspects that we just cannot ignore. Things we need to do in order to keep evolving and growing. Things like discipline, practicing meditation, self-Reiki, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (mentally, physically and emotionally).

We as human beings, are always faced with challenges along the way.

But my biggest challenge is myself. Not my life situation, my family, my friends or my past. It’s mastering myself, feeling comfortable in my own skin, living without regrets and without guilt. Living in a way that makes me feel proud of myself, valuing myself instead of succumbing to age old unhealthy addictions.

Meditation is not a luxury that only privileged people have time for, just like exercise. It’s something we all need to do in order to live a healthy lifestyle. And we can meditate or exercise anytime, anywhere.

We, including myself, for some reason, feel lazy to meditate or exercise, but not lazy to eat or binge watch TV shows.

No amount of inspirational videos or inspirational books will change the way we live life if we cannot commit to a disciplined healthy lifestyle.

And the only thing I can do as I write this, is to decide to start today, right now a lifetime commitment to myself to take care of myself and keep working towards a healthy lifestyle.

If I can do it, so can you.



  1. Bravo 👏🏻 So pleased you’re getting so mch out of it, you were so unsure last year, it’s great to watch you on your journey and witness how far you’ve come. 😊🌷

    Liked by 1 person

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