Book dedicated to sexual assault survivors

Beautiful initiative taken by Juni. Please share and help spread awareness.

Juni Desireé


After a few setbacks, Please Tell Someone is now published and available on Amazon in ebook format for $5. It also available as a pdf for $5.

This book is dedicated to all survivors of sexual and indecent assault. It is a resource and a tribute to you all.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Five months ago my mum told me how she had been indecently assaulted. I found out my sister had also been assaulted when she was younger and that she took action and reported it. My sister’s courage inspired my mum to report her assault, and my mum’s courage to speak up protected herself and others from the perpetrator. 

After talking to friends about her experience, she realised so many have had similar experiences but they’ve never told anyone. My mum’s courage to share her story prompted them to share their own stories. One…

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  1. May success follow you by sales to help many.

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    1. Thank you Oneta!

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