Sickness and dreams coming true

You know how we can take a day off when we’re sick and it’s called ‘sick leave’? Well, ‘we’ don’t. The company I work for does not have that concept. If I’m sick, I have to go to a proper hospital (clinics won’t do), get a medical certificate, whether it is for the flu or diarrhea and submit it to the HR – and then I will be granted the sick leave. That 10 day sick leave concept? Nope, not here. So if you want to lay in bed all day and just rest – forget about it.


Well, in all fairness, there was no bacteria or virus growing on it, boss. On second thought…why don’t I come in and spread some phlegm around 😀

Now that is fine up to a certain point.

The health insurance for OPD (and IPD) works only at one hospital which is far far away and I, like Donkey (from Shrek – duh!), keep thinking “Are we there yet, are we there yet”.

Imagine going to the hospital in an A/C blasted train when I’m down with fever and sore throat and runny nose. Those passengers better run for cover.

So what usually happens, to top it all, when I finally decide to go to the hospital and get those antibiotics after days of suffering? Immediately after I’ve informed at work that I’ll not be going to work because I’m sick, I suddenly start to feel better. And then I have to decide if I must go to the hospital.

I finally decide that I better.

Since I am suddenly feeling better than I did an hour ago (which could possibly be because I spit around a kilo of phlegm down the sink) I get all cheerful and that’s the way I am when I go to the hospital and see the doctor (obviously).

'There's nothing wrong with your throat. Lot's of people have trouble swallowing their pride.'

“Another patient pretending to be too sick to work”

Once the doctor checks me up (and smirks at this puny little girl going all the way to the hospital for a silly little flu problem) and gives me antibiotics, I ask him for a medical certificate in a low embarrassed manner. He looks at me, gives a snorty little laugh and jokes about me wanting to skip work, as if I decided to get sick and go all the way to that hospital and spend all that time spitting phlegm and coughing like a maniac looking like I’m about to die choking, just to skip work.

Anyway, there is news – good or bad? Who knows!

I’ve got a new job (yes it’s good, okay!). Possibly. Most probably. It’s almost confirmed (haven’t signed the agreement yet), however I have this nervousness in my heart around it. It’s a job I had been dreaming about for almost a year now. It starts next year 🙂




  1. Congratulations! I hope it is all you wanted. 😊👏🏻

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    1. Thank you 😊 I hope so too! 😅 It’s very close to my home so I don’t have to spend 4-5 hours commuting everyday (yay!) There’s a story behind this. I’ll write about it soon (maybe once I sign the agreement) 🙇

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