Life and stars

What’s worse? Feeling alone amongst people you know or not having anyone around?

What’s worse? Never being in a romantic relationship or experiencing it and being dumped? Do you wish you met someone? What if you come to know that this person will leave you after promising to be with you forever? Would you still want to meet this “someone”?

Many more such questions are circling in my mind. Isn’t this life one big mystery? People live, die, rape, murder, help, love, hate, take revenge and so on. What’s the motivation behind life? What’s the ‘good-bad opposites’ game of the universe? There is an argument going around that unless there are bad things, good things won’t be appreciated or even known. Like how the light won’t be known as light unless there is darkness. Since when did darkness become an analogy for anything “bad”? Since forever, isn’t it?

For some reason, people feel comfortable doing things at night, “in the dark” that they wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in the day. Why is that? Maybe they think they cannot be seen? Or that bad things are supposed to be done in the night? Could it be that this is the reason why a lot of the cases whether it be robbery, rape, murder are committed when it’s dark, in the night?

Life…so many types of living things and beings, so many different types of human beings. The story of each human being…such intricate, detailed drama…what’s the fun of it? Some people have the theory that once the earth was perfect but bad things started happening. Well, why did bad things start to happen in the first place?

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to understand life and it’s workings. I’m trying but it still feels out of reach.

Like the stars. Which apparently have already died out but we still see the light anyway because it’s a few light years away from us. We see it but at this moment for that place, it actually does not even exist.



  1. it’s a difficult question to answer. there are things that i don’t understand either, specially violence. maybe it’s still our survival skills combined with mental disease, or an environment that supports that kind of behavior. maybe there are bad things, so we can appreciate the good. maybe there are lessons to be learned. maybe it is our character being tested.

    bad things are also associated with some kind of pleasure, a sick one, but still. maybe is the sense of rush, the adrenaline. i saw this documentary – humans (it’s available on youtube) – about a man that went to the war. he told that killing others became addictive.

    we have a dark side, which is sometimes much more alluring than our bright one. maybe bad behaviors are like drugs. they do us bad, but once we taste it we can no longer be away of them.

    humans. the entire universe. it’s all very complex and our minds can’t have the full picture. we can’t see all past, all present and all future. we’re too little to understand the infinite and this big energy that involve us.

    all we can do is to be our best selves, to resist to temptation and to teach others how to do the same.

    thank you for posing this questions, for making me think about the subject, and for the incredible post that came out of it. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! I agree, we are moving forward with speed towards scientific innovation but we still cannot answer the reason for existence and the source of it all. It has and probably will always remain a mystery.

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    2. I enjoyed reading this long comment, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me 😊

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  2. What cracTpot said.

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