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How do you react when someone puts you down?


Today, very unexpectedly, I was insulted – this instance included words, expressions and dismissal.


How I felt and thought during the first 5 minutes

I felt rage surging over me and tears flooding in. 

If these emotions had a color, there would be a bright blood red cloud hovering all around me.

I felt like foul mouthing the person and even punching them for a second.

I felt like they should be taught a lesson for being rude, mean and insulting.

I wanted to be the one teaching them that lesson.

I wanted to see them suffer for causing me pain.

I wanted them to know how it felt to be insulted, to be treated that way.


What I told myself after 5 minutes

How I feel, is in my control.

I have to calm down.

What they say or think has NOTHING to do with me.

Their behavior and words are a result of THEIR stuff, NOT mine.

I have to deal with my feelings and emotions and see them as they are – raw and clear.

I have to work through my own reactions and thought processes and resolve them in a healthy way.

Causing others harm or verbally abusing them (even if in my head) won’t do any good to me.

It will just lead to more harm for them AND me.

I am causing pain to myself by holding on to these emotions, thoughts and reactions.

The reactions are just a result of this surge of emotions.

I may not be able to control the uprising of the emotions but I can control and decide how long or if at all I want to hold on to those emotions.

I have to let go.

That’s the only option if I want to be at peace.

And I do.

I let go.

What do you do when you face a similar situation?

Do you lash out or process through your thoughts and feelings? 

Comment below to let me know or send me a tweet

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  1. ..the first initial breaths when an occurrence such as this takes place is the point of reflection for where we are. How do we see others in the world, how do we see ourselves as a part of the big picture? In those moments it allows us to see our beliefs and gives us the opportunities needed to sculpt ourselves into the work of art we imagine…to make being a person of peace a reality.
    Great post! I react less, internalize less but do still have buttons that can be pressed…I breathe and breathe and breathe some more. The phrase I use is (he)/(she) knows not what he does (still responsible for their actions, but they are not attached to me personally therefore it literally lessens the impact of taking it personally and of being offended by them doing the only thing they know how in that moment.

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    1. timelesswheel · ·

      It’s very insightful to know how you see things and respond. I agree, breathing is essential for calming down. I keep telling myself to breathe 😂 Sometimes my reactions and thoughts shock, sadden and shame me…but we can use that awareness to change our way of thinking. Thank you for your reading and commenting ☺


  2. Awesome write! We all want to initially react, but as you, we should decide not to hold on to toxins that will become detrimental to our mental health and well-being. I love the way you poetically showed what the most sensible thing to do in the midst of anger.

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    1. timelesswheel · ·

      Thank you! I felt the reaction too, I was hot with all those emotions…luckily I had a keyboard under my fingers at that time 😂 😊

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  3. Wow, this is such a universal theme. Just this past week, someone I’ve known a long time insulted me and I had those similar feelings. (Love the red cloud!)
    I decided also that I was giving up my power by giving her words the ability to turn my insides upside down. She wasn’t worth it. I’ve been trying to decide whether to confront her the next time I see her, but instead am letting it go.
    The ability to control thoughts go a long way toward finding peace in life. I applaud you for writing so beautifully about this. It is human for us to be hurt, but moving on takes effort and positive thinking.

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    1. timelesswheel · ·

      That’s great! I agree… and if we really want peace, we’ll have to choose not to give food to the negativity (even if we might not be able to let them go)

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    2. Holding on and letting go – it’s a wrestling match! But knowing what we are fighting to do is the hardest thing. The struggle isn’t easy but when our mindset is positive it sure makes all the difference!

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    3. timelesswheel · ·

      I agree! It might not be the easiest thing to gain control over thoughts or emotions…so instead I decide to do the best I can. We can only do so much… When we know better, we can do better 🙂 Thank you for the kind words and sharing your thoughts 🙂

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