To follow or not to follow.

We bloggers have unique and different reasons and motivations for blogging.

Without any defined or clear purpose, I continue blogging and don’t feel a need to put my blogging experience in a box with a label on it.

I appreciate it when my posts are being read and commented on. It’s very fascinating to interact with fellow bloggers and we’ve had some very interesting conversations, sometimes the comment section also turns into a long heart-to-heart chat medium.

I started out with posting a few posts and reading some as well. Along the way, I found a handful of blogs that I absolutely loved and followed their journey almost daily. As my follower count started increasing, I started getting a little flustered. I tend to visit the blogger out of curiosity, and often times there will be at least one post I absolutely adore. My reader got filled up with lots of blog posts really fast. Screening the entire reader for the favorite blogs became cumbersome. I started reading less and missed posts.

I was then, to my relief and excitement, introduced to a way of automatically screening blogs into category lists by Chanel. It was right there all along. I thought I was the only one who didn’t know about this. I happily screened the blogs into a few categories and soon was able to catch up with a lot more blogs than I did previously.

(If you want to jump to the steps on how to screen blogs, click here)

Not much later, I realised after reading one of Juni’s blog posts, that perhaps a lot of people didn’t know about this feature and ended up missing some really incredible posts. I then decided to write a post specifically for this.

I think it’s very important that bloggers do not feel pressurised when they write or to follow fellow bloggers. Everyone should be able to choose whom to follow (or not follow) without speculation, criticism or peer pressure. I’ve come across several posts over the past few months mulling about following fellow bloggers and reading their work, commenting and so on.

Whatever our reason for blogging is, let’s remember to be kind to each other and not raise judgments. Bloggers might blog to log in diaryish (yes, I made up that word :D) posts just to lighten one’s burden, it might be to start a business, for unsure reasons, to share stories and experiences etc.

Helping people must come from an open heart, reading posts with an open heart, ‘liking’ or commenting from the heart – and not due to some blogging obligation – it is so important to keep this space honest.

After the screening/category tip was shared with me, I was ecstatic. Every blogger has something to offer, and sometimes it may look like there’s nothing interesting for us in the blog, but there always is.

I follow a lot more bloggers now and everyday I come across at least one post that leaves me stunned or inspired.

Thank you Chanel for the awesome tip! 😉

Happy blogging everyone! Write your heart out 🙂

I’d love to read your perspective, comment below or send me a tweet to let me know.



  1. Cezane & Michelle · · Reply

    Such an essential tip. This was totally unknown for me and will prove quite helpful now that i have learnt it from you. Thanks for sharing this! – Cezane

    Liked by 2 people

    1. timelesswheel · ·

      Glad you found this helpful Cezane 🙂 Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

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