Bullies: Who are they?

Let’s identify and eliminate the bully inside of us.

strength. love. life.

Bullies. That word, that personality, has bubbled up to the surface for everyone across nations. It’s been in the news, media, newspaper articles, blogs, everything. Everywhere. October is even National Bullying Prevention Month and October 9th is Unity Day. A bully is no longer isolated to grade school, being that obnoxious kid in second grade who we adults dismiss. A bully is everywhere. Bullies are there to taunt us at every phase of our life. How can they be everywhere, all the time? Because we are the bullies. They are us. She is me. Now I know what some of you are thinking, “I’ve never bullied anyone a day in my life!” But I’d ask you – “Have you never even said a negative comment against yourself, even when you’re home alone staring in the mirror?” If you are in fact the exception, then take this time to simply get a…

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  1. Times have change so much. Nowadays, it almost seems like being a bully is in style. People hide behind social media to prey on the weaker kinder people. There is so much bullying going on in schools, social media, reality TV. It is awful. Great post. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. timelesswheel · ·

      Thank you for reading! Missy wrote it really well ☺ It’s tough to let go of our weaknesses and insecurities and we have to be careful to not let our ‘stuff’ contaminate other people’s lives…

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