If a relationship can’t provide joy, then it’s not true love.

If you keep making the other person cry all day, that’s not true love.

You should know the real needs of that person.

Practice and learn how to generate a feeling of joy, a feeling of happiness with your in-breath, your our-breath, and your steps.

If you have enough understanding and love, then every moment – whether it’s spent making breakfast, driving the car, watering the garden, or doing anything else in your day – can be a moment of joy.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Day 9 of the 35 Days of Love

Featured artist: Caito Junqueira



  1. These are true words. Love this line – “If you keep making the other person cry all day, that’s not true love.” Can’t agree more. A sound relationship should consist more of peaceful and joyous moments together. But there are lots of emotional vampires out there… 🙂

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    1. timelesswheel · ·

      Yup and sometimes we get so absorbed in the drama… we can’t seem to break the patterns…

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    2. …So absorbed that we try to justify the drama and hold on to silly excuses while our happiness is eroded.

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