Face it

How many of us constantly distract ourselves from thinking or feeling something? I know I do. We might have become pretty good at this technique and do it without realizing it.

Recently, I witnessed something profound that got me wondering how distraction really works and its role in relationships/encounters.

Sure, someone flirting might make that ache in the heart dormant for a while and being desired is a high for a short time, but then what?

It’s crucial that we recognize the difference between escape and love. If we enter into a relationship or pursue something that is just a distraction from our situation or feelings, it will soon be a cause for another distraction.

– My thoughts on Day 2

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  1. I fell into that trap once, but learnt my lesson. It’s easy to confuse passion with love. Because love always comes after passion. We need to give it time and to be honest.

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    1. timelesswheel · ·

      I’m not sure about what comes first but I do believe that love is everywhere, even in the most disliked relationships…but I think it’s just important that we don’t label something (and anything) as love when it could be something else, like a means to escape or a distraction…

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