My face speaks volumes.

It doesn’t matter what words are uttered. I may say something and my expressions might convey something else.

As much as I try, I cannot control my expressions and they are a mirror to my thoughts.


Initially and until recently, I looked at it as a flaw, I worked on keeping a straight face when I said something, but I’d often fail. People would catch a twitch or an expression as it passed and narrow their eyes or disbelieve my words (for good reason).

I’ve accepted it now and sometimes, I watch my own expressions (sort of in my mind) to pinpoint the thought or emotion and to understand the extent to which the subject affects me.

My thoughts and emotions might sometimes be all tangled and confusing, but expressions always focus on what bothers me the most, without a doubt.

Eventually, I stopped saying things that don’t match with my expressions. If I do not like something, I am not going to say I do. Because my nose would clearly be twitching and crinkled.

Some of us might not pay close attention to eyes and expressions on the face, but I know how see-through mine are and I pay closer attention to people’s faces and gestures than to their words sometimes. I can sense what they really mean or want from their movements and expressions, even if their words convey something else.


When I do go with those senses, they are usually relieved – they didn’t have to speak it out and say those things. They are glad I went with what they left unsaid.

The world would be a much simpler place to live in, if we say what we really mean or feel. No games, no guesswork.

Toot your horn.

Featured image: Dreja Novak



  1. Yes, the world will be a better place to live in if we say what we really mean. Thanks for sharing, timelesswheel.

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