Emotional Health: Are you living a healthy life?

I have a LOT of internal work to do! Sometimes I feel like this lifetime is just not enough for it… But patience is crucial for any sort of journey, especially when it’s an internal one.

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Awakening Journey

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Our emotional health determines the stability and peace in our current lives.  During my own emotional recovery work, I have found certain things that are indicators of our current emotional health.  Take a honest look at your life and determine if you are living a healthy emotional life.

1.Do you seek approval from others for your self esteem?  We give away our power to others when we lack self esteem and seek approval, adoration, and acceptance from others.  There are clear signs of this.  Do you post pictures of and personal laments about yourself on Facebook and other social media in the attempt to receive likes, sympathy, approval, adoration, or acceptance?  Do you need hundreds of friends on Facebook or other social media to feel good about yourself?

2.Are you in a relationship based on your needs and dependency?  Are you with your partner/significant other because you fear being alone?…

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  1. I believe I am well on my way to emotional health. I know that when I really applied the Word of God to my life, it established a foundation for emotional health. Seeing that my value and worth is in God’s creation of me is an awesome anchor. Also, I would like to point out that the road to emotional health is a practice of application that means evaluation of your emotions and where the negative ones come from such as feeling rejected. What is motivating this feeling and who is rejecting you? Define the rejection and why you feel it is coming from this person? Why are you putting such value on being accepted or acknowledged by this person? Asking yourself these questions on a regular basis is important on this road. Just my thoughts.

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    1. timelesswheel · ·

      Thank you! 🙂 It’s lovely to read your comment 🙂 What you said is true and helpful! Sometimes we need to break it down and spell it out… we might not be able to define some thoughts or feelings but we can internally by observing and acknowledging them… it’s so important to not rely on being accepted or acknowledged… still working on it… sometimes it’s so ingrained from childhood, that sometimes it’s difficult to budge it. But not impossible 🙂

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