Thank you, dear delayed train.

Among all the books throughout the years, including a lot of inspirational ones, one (or seven, actually) stand out. There was no doubt or hesitation, not even for a milli-second


I wouldn’t have expected Harry Potter, being a fictional book, to be life-altering,  inspirational or self improving.

But it has been. It is.

I have read each book a hundred times or even more, and I still look forward to reading it again.

Thank you to that delayed train journey, on which J.K. Rowling came up with this AMAZING idea of the magical world portrayed in this book.

To those who say the book is for kids or young adults, I beg to differ.

I’ve learnt:

  • about friendships and the innocence and vulnerability of it.
  • about the struggles with choosing the right thing.
  • to not run away from difficult or scary situations
  • that you might think you’re a loser, but it’s very much possible that you can do what anyone else can
  • death isn’t something to be scared of. (It’s not just the spiritually inclined books that can teach this)
  • that someone whom you might hate could be helping you secretly (:D)
  • the role and importance of teachers and their guidance
  • how to have courage and remember the light when it’s all dark
  • that it doesn’t matter if you think a person is weird. Love them anyway.
  • to give more importance to human relationships in a competitive world
  • to treat everyone equally and fairly. Just because someone works for you doesn’t mean that you own them.
  • how awesome a headmaster can be. I had one that reminds me of Dumbledore 🙂
  • not to judge people by the way they look. The scariest looking people in the head could be the kindest as well.
  • that magic exists. Just look around you. Keep your eyes open.

That does not summarise the books in any way. If you want to gain insights – read them! 😀

Second time around



  1. I’ll have add at least the first book to my reading list after reading this post. I’ve also always thought that it was written for younger people. Thanks for the post.

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    1. timelesswheel · ·

      😀 Let me know what you think after reading it 🙂

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