The weird girl who smiled

I got into the 3rd means of transport on my way back home today. We were 12 people, 10 of us sitting, facing each other.

I was amazed to see that none of us were staring at our phones, we didn’t even have our phones out. They were either in our pockets or bags.

When I realized that, I couldn’t suppress a smile. I grinned widely and looked at everyone. No one returned my smile. Instead, they were looking at me like I was weird for being so cheerful.


Everyone were avoiding looking at each other and into their eyes. Look anywhere but at each other was the motto. Oh well, at least we sort of won over technology that is taking over people’s lives, even if it was for fifteen minutes. anigif_enhanced-11445-1393208887-1.gif

I continued smiling away and looking at everyone and onto the streets.


Then a mother and her baby came aboard and sat next to me.

The old lady who sat the other side of the mother began to smile, looking at the baby. Then another person sitting opposite smiled. My smile widened but I couldn’t catch the baby’s eye as he was turned the other way towards the old lady. Slowly, I saw almost everyone smiling – because of that lovely blessed cute baby.

And then, the mother got down – too soon I thought. My eyes followed them as they got off and paid for the fare. I finally got a look at the baby and caught his eye.

He looked at me firmly, smiled and sort of raised his hand which I took to be a wave.

I sighed and couldn’t stop smiling the entire way.

The atmosphere was much more lighter than it was when I had gotten on.

Slowly everyone starting getting off at their stops.

There was a little bit of nervous laughter as two ladies got up to ring the (bell?) to stop the vehicle.

I was the last one to get down and I walked home with a wide smile. My day had turned into a wonderful wonderful day.

The ride wasn’t anything too different from the usual. But contradictorily it was completely unique.

What a joy it is to live such moments and feel such…I wouldn’t say happiness, it was just so much more than that.

Sitting there, feeling the wind in my face, everything felt right with the world.


Yup, it was an awesome ride – an awesome day.



  1. Technology is truly making us less interactive with ourselves, and the consequence is an environment fraught with meanings because of the lack of love and friendship among ourselves. Great posts!

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    1. timelesswheel · ·

      Thank you 🙂 It’s like we’ve forgotten how to smile and be light…

      Liked by 1 person

    2. My pleasure. It’s our responsibility to do something about it. Have a lovely weekend.

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