Fear. This one emotion can result in: hate, jealousy, insecurity, suffering, pain, loss, depression, anger, anxiety, loneliness, shyness.


If I fear that I will lose the political elections this year, and then I won’t have that position and fame and importance, but I see that the other candidate is doing well. Is it visible how the other aspects come into the picture in this scenario? I (if not firmly rooted inside) could end up hating the other candidate, greedy for the position, envious and angry because he is doing so well, and I would be afraid that I’m not as good – insecurity – leading to pain, depression, anxiety – pushing people away with my attitude and negative thinking – loneliness, suffering – losing the loved ones around me.

If I was raised in a family that didn’t show me love and affection and eventually died or left me or even if I was in a relationship and the partner left me, I would never open myself to an opportunity to finding another partner, I would close myself even to the idea of a relationship, because I’m afraid to feel the pain again. I fear the idea of another person hurting me by leaving me. In fact, that’s probably what I am doing right now. I am afraid of relationships, of being abandoned and ignored, of the love disappearing one sudden day – so I close myself even to the possibility of another relationship that might not even be like that, because every person is different – but I cannot see that, because fear blinds me.


The question “What if?” – that’s fear.

Fear of the past, fear of the future, fear of what we might find inside our minds if we paid enough attention…

It’s time I realize that fear is not real. It’s mind-made. It is indeed a choice. Sometimes it may be so deep imbibed in the subconscious that it might seem like an irrational fear. Addressed with light and attention and love, that fear might subside and disappear too.

It’s easy to say don’t be afraid. Don’t fear. Not very difficult for me to write about it either. But it’s difficult to understand and practice. That’s what I’m going to be working on from now on. Not give in to the fears. Recognise any danger as it is, but cut the thoughts that generate the fear.


This is for Day 3 of the Three Day Quote Challenge



  1. Wow so eye opening and correct you have inspired me truly. Great writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. timelesswheel · ·

      Thank you 🙂


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